Raytent ® is the first recycled acrylic yarn, created from awning production scraps and certified ReMade® In Italy. Starting from the yarn, acrylic fabrics are produced for sun protection and furnishing. Our pillows and beanbags are made with them.

Raytent® acrylic yarn is made from 50% recycled fiber through a process that uses less water and chemicals, emits less CO2 and extends the use of raw materials and natural resources.

The project, designed and developed by the Giovanardi company with a team of chemists highly specialized in textile recovery, was created to address the need for recovery and recycling of processing byproducts from industries that make awnings. In fact, it is estimated that for the production of an awning, about 10 percent of the fabric used is discarded and therefore disposed of in landfills. 

Instead, the Raytent ® process involves the recovery of these scraps, which are brought back into fiber form and blended with new virgin acrylic fiber: a new woven fiber blend is thus produced, which will later be used for spinning.

Fabrics made from Raytent® cotton-like yarn boast high performance: they are water-repellent, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant and resist fading from sun exposure. Sustainable and durable items yet at the same time incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch, which retain their beauty over time. That’s why Raytent® products, from pillows to beanbags to rugs, are perfect for indoor use, but are also ideal for outdoor use.


Irisun acrylic fabrics are designed to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces with textures and colors that are harmonious with each other. The fabrics have the same visual and tactile perception as indoor upholstery but a special treatment makes them resistant to moisture and sun exposure, as well as mildew-resistant and stain-resistant, so they are also suitable for outdoor furniture.

Versatility and high performance distinguish these fabrics, which are used to make furnishing accessories such as our collection of pillows with unique and sophisticated textures. They range from solid colors with full, defined colors to jacquard patterns capable of giving character to any room.

As durable as outdoor fabrics, as soft as indoor fabrics: each fabric that goes into our pillows is designed to resist dirt, is water-repellent and does not fade in the sun, ensuring beautiful colors always, over time.

Irisun fabrics combine beauty and functionality, design and Made In Italy quality, born from Giovanardi’s textile experience, in the fabric market for over 60 years.

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