Soundflat panel, 140×40 cm, Red 255

Soundflat sound-absorbing panel, 140×40 cm, Red 255 – ultraslim

Thermoformed, ultraslim, 140×40-cm sound-absorbing panel. It consists of 3 layers: thermoformed RECYCLED PET interior, patented honeycomb cardboard insert, and FR-certified TREVIRA CS outer fabric.

Just 2.1 kg in weight and 3 cm in thickness enable SOUNDLFLAT to achieve a sound absorption coefficient αs 0.97 (on a scale where “1” indicates complete noise absorption) in the speech frequency range.

Through the use of special accessories, the product can be attached directly to a wall, ceiling, hanging, or used as a vertical wall.

SOUNDFLAT LINEAR BRACKET allows the product to be attached directly to the wall or ceiling.

SOUNDFLAT HORIZONTAL HANGING KIT allows the product to be hung at the desired height, leaving it parallel to the ceiling.

SOUNDFLAT BAFFLE HANGING KIT allows the product to be hung at the desired height, leaving it perpendicular to the ceiling.

SOUNDFLAT TUNING FORK BASE allows the product to be placed on the ground perpendicular to the walking surface.

SOUNDFLAT DESK CLAMPS allow the product to be attached horizontally to desks and horizontal tops.

SOUNDFLAT PEN HOLDERS and MOBILE PHONE SUPPORT allow the workspace to be kept tidy at all times.


Normal cleaning is done with soap and water. The product can be disinfected with 75% ethyl alcohol and is dry cleanable. It is important to vacuum the fabrics regularly and keep them dry to prevent bacterial growth.


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Weight2,1 kg
Dimensions40 × 140 × 3,5 cm


Materiale Comfort Acustico

Tessuto Trevira – Poliestere ad alta densità

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